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Dominant Smart Fresh Air Freshener 5L

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$10 Flat Rate

Fresh is a clear yellow liquid with a strong fresh fragrance. It is used to deodorise bedrooms, common rooms, corridors and toilets in aged care facilities, Childcare Centre and any room that needs to be deodourised.

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About This Product


Features and Benefits
Smart Fresh is a highly concentrated deodorant for maximum economy. Only 30-60mls are required to make a 750ml bottle of ready to use an air freshener. Smart Fresh a fragrance of Quandong and Lime.

Fresh contains an odour absorbing compound to neutralise odours, as well as a fragrance to give a long-lasting reodorant effect. Smart Fresh is packaged in 5-litre bottles fitted with the Protekta Cap™system. This eliminates contact with the neat chemical as the product can only be dispensed when the pickup connector is screwed on.

The colour of Fresh, pick up the connector are all yellow to make it very difficult for staff to use the wrong product.

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