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Enviromentally Friendly

Certopak Reducer Machine Wrap

$84.50 + GST

Bulky class 1

High-performance Certopak Reducer Machine Wrap can reduce the size of your plastic waste by over 50%* while also reducing the wrap cost per pallet. This wrap has excellent puncture resistance and elastic memory, which makes it an efficient choice for your business.

The best results come when Certopak reducer is paired with a standard friction-based wrapping machine.

Reduce your plastic waste

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About This Product


Roll size: 450mm x 3000m

Core Size: 75mm

This wrap achieves the best results on a standard friction-based wrapping machine.


  • High-performance pallet wrap that uses state-of-the-art resin technology to deliver improved performance and reliability
  • High remaining elasticity in this film allows it to be stretched much further than most of its kind, making it easy to apply by hand or machine.
  • Double the amount on a roll compared to conventional hand or machine films.
  • Uses over 50% less film per pallet wrapped and reduces environmental impact.
  • The film does not neck down when stretched so your pallets are wrapped faster.
  • Great puncture strength means sharp edges won’t ruin your wrap.
  • Double thickness reinforced edges makes them less sensitive to damage and edge tearing

Quantity per Carton:  1

Sold as a CTN/ 1