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Pack of 50 Cardboard Edge Protectors 50x50x1170m

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$52.00 + GST Per PCK/50

$10 Flat Rate

Edge Protectors provide stabilisation and strength to pallets and ensure better containment of loads. Heavy duty black plastic edge protectors prevent strapping from cutting into your product.

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About This Product


Edge Protectors Provide:

  • Vertical Protection. Cardboard edge protectors keep pallets in balance and provide full protection during shipment and storage. They increase pallet strength and prevent smashing and damage during loading, shipment and storage.
  • Edge (Corner) Protection. Cardboard edge protectors keep the products together and provide full protection. During shipment and storage, they provide space-saving through piling 2 or 3 pallets on top of each other.
  • Correct Stowage. Cardboard edge protectors provide stowage in optimum space during the product packaging. They protect vertical corners, horizontal corners and top corners. They increase vertical shipment resistance.
  • Strapping Protection. Cardboard edge protectors prevent smashing and other damage caused by strapping.
  • Package Strengthening. Cardboard edge protectors increase strength in a box/carton and provide inner support and thus prevent damage caused by the weight of the upper boxes during transport.
1170mm50 x 50mm4mmWhite

Sold as a Box of 50